Crime Prevention

Lighting Tips

For improved security around your home or business, we recommend the following suggestions:

    • Use lights on timers when away from home.
    Use compact fluorescent bulbs which are longer lasting and more cost effective.

House Numbering

The numbers on your property should be easily read and in plain view. Make sure plants and shrubs do not cover you building numbers. Also consider putting numbers on the back of your house so that neighbors can call police or the fire department if needed. A few seconds, with fire or crime, can make a huge difference.

Landscaping Tips

For improved security around your home or business, we recommend the following suggestions:

  • Keep your lawn mowed and garden tended so your home has a lived-in look.
  • Keep shrubs and trees pruned so that your house is visible to your neighbors, this could give would-be thieves access to your home by hiding doors or windows behind overgrown bushes.
  • Place thorny shrubs in front of potential access points for burglars – i.e. in front of lower windows.
  • Â In winter, have someone shovel your driveway if you are on vacation.

Know Your Neighbors

One of your best defenses against crime is looking out for your neighbor. You can expect they will most likely do the same in return.
With most families being dual income, houses are left unoccupied throughout the day. These are things the criminal element take note of. Stay-at-home parents, retirees, or home business people can be your eyes while you are at work. Teaching your children to take note of strangers can also be useful. If you see a stranger lurking around a neighborhood or a house or someone carrying a gym bag entering the property, take note with time, description, digital photos, video, etc.

Do NOT Buy Crime

If someone offers you a deal on a stereo, DVD’s or computers at a really good price or cash, no taxes and no receipt – this could be stolen merchandise. It is a criminal offence to be in the possession of stolen goods. You can be charged, and you are also helping the crime game succeed. If the demand for stolen merchandise is reduced, then the suppliers will have to get a real job.

Buying stolen goods  it is a crime!