Effects of Crime

The effects of a break-in can be long lasting. An insurance company may give you only a 2-week time frame to report your losses in order to make a claim. Many victims are only made aware that various items are missing months after the claim was reported. Then they suddenly discover other items were taken as well. GOOD LUCK in getting anything else from your insurance company. If you do have luck, you could be forced to pay another deductible. One senior relative who was a victim of a break-in went through this. This relative did not sleep well after her break-in for years. She would also open every closet and look under every bed upon returning home each day.

Most victims do not get their valuables returned. Contacting local police and saying my TV was taken does not mean it will be returned to you, even if they have it in their possession. Marking TVs, stereos, tools, etc with your Social Security number or driver’s licence number could be helpful in proving what is yours. Also, recording serial numbers of valuables could help convince police of ownership.

Your 2nd, 3rd Break In
The scumbags that took your TV, stereo, DVDs, and tools know that these items will most likely be replaced in a few weeks by your insurance company. They may decide to return, since they know the layout of your home and that you will have new products to steal again.